An Entire Guide to Using Wedding Water Beads


Although they are generally referred to as a child’s toy, it is more than possible to use water beads, as a way to decorate your upcoming wedding. Unsurprisingly, these items have been used much more rapidly in the past few years, because they’re very easy to use. With this in mind, you will need to learn how to utilize these items for your wedding décor. Once you’ve learned all there is to know about water beads, you will be able to use them to perfectly decorate your venue and keep your guest entertained throughout the night. In this complex guide, you’ll learn all there is to know about the use of these beads.

How to Buy

Before attempting to use these items to beautify your wedding, it is vital to learn about the economics and packing. Thankfully, these aren’t entirely complex like other decorations. Remember that children commonly use them, which makes them easy to use and even easier to purchase. Still, you have several different options, when trying to purchase packages of water beads.

Generally, you will be able to visit your local retail chain store and purchase a few packages. Normally, these stores will sell packages, which contain an assortment of different colors. Of course, this isn’t the only way to get your hands on them. Instead, they’re also available in packages, which contain singular colors. In order to choose the right option for you, you will need to know exactly how you’re going to be using them!

The Benefits of Water Beads

As mentioned above, more and more couples are starting to incorporate the use of these beads into their weddings. This isn’t a mere coincidence. Instead, these items are very beneficial, which is the reasoning behind their growing popularity. Below, you will be able to discover the numerous benefits of water beads.

• Easy To Use – If you’re able to read a few lines of instructions and have access to a bowl and water, you will be able to figure out how to use these beads. With that being said, they’re straightforward and do not require any explanation.
• Available Everywhere – Regardless of your location, you will easily be able to find these items. If you cannot find them in a local retail store, you can always turn to the Internet, but you shouldn’t forget to check the crafts stores in your area!
• Various Colors – Since these beads are available in an assortment of different colors and you can easily access specific colors, they can easily be implemented into your wedding’s décor, regardless of your wedding color scheme.
• Safe and Non-Flammable – In almost all regards, water beads are entirely safe and can be used around children. At the same time, these beads are non-flammable and will not catch fire very easily. Therefore, you can rest assured that they will not cause a danger to your guests.
• Very Affordable – Regardless of your budget, you will have an easy time purchasing these items. A pack, which contains a large number of beads, can be purchase for less than a few dollars. Don’t be afraid to purchase a few extra, since this will give you the ability to experiment.

With the information above, the growing popularity of water beads is justifiable. If you’re interested in adding a tinge of modernism to your wedding’s décor, these beads are more than capable of fulfilling your desires.

How Many To Buy

When it comes down to it, a majority of individuals have a difficult time attempting to purchase the right amount. This isn’t all that big a deal, since it is always suitable to purchase more. The beads are so inexpensive that it is recommended to have more, which is always better than having less. There are also a variety of different factors that will play a role. Different brands tend to place a different number of beads into their packages. At the same time, your bowl or container choice will play a role in your needs.

As a rule of thumb, it is generally possible to fill approximately twenty inches of space with a single packet of water beads. Be sure to give the beads approximately twenty-four hours to expand to their maximum size! This will ensure that the beads are used to their maximum capacity.

Mixing Water Beads
When you purchase water beads, you will find that they usually come in one color per pack, or packs of various colors. However, this does not mean that you cannot mix them up with a truly unique look. Clear and pink always create an elegant look for any wedding. For instance, you can take a vase or bowl and layer the bottom with clear water beads, then just simply place pink water beads on top of that. You will now be left with a truly beautiful work of art that did not take much time or cost you very much to make. You can always try a variation of different colors. If you are planning on a fall wedding, you might want to mix colors like red, orange, green, or yellow.

Storing Water Beads
If you want to save your water beads for a later project this is possible. However, if you don’t want to keep them, it is best to put them in the soil of plants. Since they are made of water they will not damage the plant, but in return they will supply them with a water source. When you are ready to store your water beads, you will want to remove them from the vase and place them in a colander. Once you have them in the colander, it is a good idea to wash the beads with a little dish washing soap. Just be sure to rinse all the soap off the beads. After the beads are all clean, you are now ready to store them. You can either store them in a zip lock bag or a plastic container, but be sure to add a little water to the bottom, which will keep the water beads fresh and moist.
A Container Is Crucial

When it comes down to it, you should remember that a variety of different containers could be used with your water beads. Either way, the container is absolutely crucial and needs to be used to keep the beads contained and hydrated. In order to do this, you will need to make sure that your container is capable of holding water, without leaking. Since a variety of different bowls, cups and vases will work in this regard, your beads can be used with numerous options.

For instance, you will want to consider using a vase. This is generally the most common option, since vases are highly decorative and available in various styles and designs. At the same time, other people consider using aquariums and champagne glasses. Be sure to experiment a little, before you settle for one type of container or the other.

Always Experiment At Home

During the lead up to your wedding, it is vital to experiment, rehearse and experiment, until everything is just right. To make this possible, you will need to take the time to purchase the water beads well in advance! Remember to account for the shipping time to make sure that your beads arrival several weeks, or months, before the day of the wedding. Once you’ve gotten a package, you will want to grab one of your selected containers. Fill it up with water and toss in the water beads.

This will give you the ability to see exactly how the arrangement will work and how much space a single package will fill up. Since you were smart and planned early, you will be able to make the appropriate adjustments, until everything is just right! Practice makes perfect and you shouldn’t give up, after a single experiment. Once you’ve gotten everything just right, you’ll know it and will be ready for the wedding.

Use with a Light Table

Although these beads are unique and beautiful on their own, their overall aesthetics can be enhanced dramatically, if you use them with a light table. Creating a light table isn’t overly difficult. In fact, it can be done virtually effortlessly and you will most likely have the supplies sitting around your home. First, you’re going to need to get your hands on some lights. LED lights work very well and you probably have some old LED lights laying around your house somewhere, since they’re commonly used for Halloween and Christmas.

Next, you’ll need something for your foundation. It is possible to use a plastic bowl or even a clear glass bowl flipped upside down. Either way, the light needs to be able to illuminate through the top and reach the beads, which will be placed on the top. With that, you’ll want to hydrate the beads and allow them to grow to their maximum size. Once this is done, the lights should be flipped on and the beads should be placed on top of the light table. This will help to create a glowing effect on the beads, which will make your guests stop and stare.

Beach Centerpiece

With the increasing popularity of the beach wedding, you will find many beach centerpiece ideas that you can envelop into this wedding theme. Many couples prefer the beach scenery, because it provides a romantic atmosphere. Of course, if you are having an indoor reception, you will want to bring the beach along inside, so that you can still have the outdoorsy, beach environment.

An amazing beach centerpiece can be developed, as a DIY project, by using only a few items including:

• Ex-Large Turquoise Water Beads
• Sea Shells
• Sand or Aquarium Gravel
• Hydrogel
• Fishbowl
If you want to incorporate this décor into your entire reception area, you will need an array of different sized fishbowls and more supplies. Pour a small amount of sand into the bottom of the fish bowl, add the seashells in a unique pattern, and then pour in the hydrogel. Do not fill the hydrogel to the top of the bowl, leave 3-4” for the ex-large water beads. Place the water beads in water and give them time to expand to their maximum size, before you add them to the fishbowl. This will complete the project and you can repeat this same process with the remaining supplies, so that you will have enough beach centerpieces for every reception table.

You can add a small floral arrangement or large seashells to surround the centerpiece, so that it will appear more like a coastal table piece. White, royal, turquoise, and sandy colored table runners should also be utilized, which will present a watery feel to the entire décor.

Prism Coloration

Many couples have unique personalities that they want to shine through their wedding décor. Not only will they choose some eccentric and unconventional attire, but they want to fill the reception area with prism coloration. This rainbow pattern is definitely a very gleeful and cheerful color template that can be utilized throughout the wedding and reception venue. Make sure that you are ready for your guests’ opinionated comments and amazement, because it will be inevitable.

If you choose this color scheme, you may be forced to create your very own table centerpieces. There are many techniques, décor, accessories, and vases that can be utilized for this purpose. A very unique bowl that will work wonders is the trifle bowl. This bowl is available innumerable sizes, styles, and designs, but you do not just have to choose one, because this is a unique wedding after all.

If you are using an ex-large trifle bowl, you definitely should use the ex-large water beads, because they will fill the bowl up much nicer and easier. Multicolored water beads will be needed, but remember stick to rainbow colors. Fill the trifle bowls with a layer of purple, blue, turquoise, green, yellow, orange, and red water beads. Make sure that you follow this sequence, because you want it to look just like the rainbow, once it is complete.

You can top it off with parasols, flowers, or a small stick flag. You will definitely impress your guests with this prism color coordinated wedding centerpiece. If they are familiar with your personality, they will expect nothing but a bizarre outcome.

Glowing Centerpiece
If you want a centerpiece that is surely going to make your guests’ jaws drop, then you can create the glowing centerpiece easily. Here is a list of things that you are going to need:
• Clear vase
• Water beads
• LED lights
• Fresh flowers
• Floral foam
First, you want to fill your vase up with water beads. You want to fill it almost completely all the way to the top. You can use clear water beads, but you do not have to. You can experiment with any colors that you like. Now, you want to place you LED light, or lights, inside the vase. It is best to push it about halfway down the vase. By doing this you are allowing the light to shine through the entire vase. This is going to give you a spectacular glowing effect.
You now want to cover the top of the vase with floral foam. The foam will come in a chunk, so you are basically going to push in down on top of the vase and cut the excess off with a knife, or you can even just simply tear it off by hand, because the flowers are going to cover this section. You are now ready to place the flowers in the floral foam until the entire surface is covered.
Just keep in mind that it is important to practice and experiment. These items are fairly cheap, so it will not cost you too much to play around a little bit.

Simple Candle Decorations

You should remember that water beads are entirely non-flammable, which means that they can be used safely near candles. With this in mind, you will want to consider using these beads, as a way to decorate a vase. In the past, vases were used alone and packed very little punch. Now, it is possible to fill up an entire vase with some expanded beads. Once the vase has been decorated, you will need to find the right candles. Choose the candles, which will work perfectly with the beads and their color, or colors. After this, you will want to push the candles into the beads a decent distance to ensure that they will not topple over.

Be sure to experiment quite a bit with this arrangement. Remember to try an assortment of different candles to see which work the best. If you’re able to find a big bowl or platter, you can transform this idea into a massive centerpiece, which is decorated beautifully with water beads, candles and other items of your choosing. You should also think about surrounding this ornament with LED lights, in order to make it much more attractive. Either way, it is vital to experiment, since practice will make perfect.
Round Bowls and Water Beads
Water beads are used as vase fillers and help hide the stems of flowers inside clear glass vases. Water beads are truly an elegant and beautiful way to spice up your wedding centerpieces. To begin this project you want to get three clear round bowls. Make sure that the bowls are different sizes and arrange them in order of biggest to smallest. You now want to put your water beads inside the bowls. It will be best to fill each bowl about a quarter of the way up. One important factor to remember is that you do not want to put water beads down a drain or flush them down the toilet, when disposing of them.
Once your bowls are filled with water beads, you are going to place in the flowers. Just the bud of the flower will be used for this project. You can use assorted arrangements such as placing 3 flowers in the largest, 2 in the medium-sized, and 1 in the smallest bowl. Remember you can use any color or flower species that is suitable for any formal event. You can also use live or artificial flowers, as well. Top this off with crystal fibers or angel grass, which will add a dash of charm to the overall centerpiece.
Another unique trick that you can do is stacking the bowls. If you find that this is too tall for your tables, then you can still achieve a beautiful look, by setting the bowls side by side. Just remember to lift the bowls from the bottom, because the bigger ones might be heavier than you think once they are filled with water beads.
Floating Candles And Water Beads
Everyone is using water beads and floating candles for their wedding centerpiece. Do you want to take it to the next level? Have you ever considered making a floating candle centerpiece using water beads? This next project will show you how to do just that. Here is what you are going to need:
• Rectangular tray
• 3 vases (One tall, and 2 short)
• Water beads that match your wedding colors
• Beach stones
• Fresh cut flowers
• 2 floating candles
• Scissors (to cut the flowers)
You are now ready to begin. It is time to fill your vases with the first color of water bead. You only want to fill the vases about a third of the way up. You will now take the second color of water beads and fill the vase so it is about 2/3 of the way full. Keep in mind that the candles are going to set on top of the small vases and the flowers will fit inside the big vase.
Now, place you vases on top of your tray. Place the tall vase in the center. The next step is to place the flowers in the big vase. You can use as many flowers or as little flowers as you would like. You can even use the scissors to cut the flower to add depth to the flower vase. Place the floating candles on the top of the small vases. The last step will be placing the beach stones on top of the rectangular tray.
Remember you are free to change anything you want. It is going to be your wedding and it should be designed the way you want it.


There is no doubt that water beads are becoming increasingly popular and all couples will want to consider using them for their weddings! In order to get inspiration, you should use the information above and look at pictures of other weddings online. This will give you the ability to expand your imagination and create unique ideas that would normally be ignored!