Exploring Wedding Favor Bags To Impress Your Loved Ones


Wedding favors are absolutely crucial in the overall outcome of your wedding. With this in mind, you will want to consider using wedding favor bags! With some very adorable bags, you can guarantee that your favors will be delivered in a much more beautiful and cute way! Your loved ones will be extremely impressed and they’ll be very eager to crack open the bag and find out what is inside. Of course, there are many different possibilities here. For your convenience, some information associated with these bags has been listed below.

The Purposes of Bags

When attempting to choose bags for your favors, you should first take the time to consider the overall purpose of these bags. Are they worth the overall price? Although they’re not entirely expensive, they can increase the overall cost of the favors. This can add up quite significantly, when you’re dealing with an enormous guest list. So, what is the purpose of these bags? First and foremost, they’re responsible for holding your favors. In this regard, they can add a little more to the overall aesthetics.

In the same sense, you can rest assured that the bags will be able to add a little more surprise to the favors. When your guests grab ahold of the bag, they’ll be very interested in discovering what is inside. Of course, you’ll need to steer clear of see through bags for this to be possible. Finally, the bags can be used for other reasons too. Your guests will be able to take the bags home and use them for other purposes.

Burlap Bags

When you look throughout history, you will see that burlap has been there every step of the way. It has been used for numerous applications, because it is extremely durable and very versatile. Of course, burlap also has a very beautiful appearance, which works well for many specific wedding types and themes. For outdoor weddings, burlap will work exceptionally well! The bags will present a very outdoor and earthy appearance, which will mesh in perfectly with the rest of your decorations.

When purchasing burlap, you should understand that this material has a very strange smell, which is somewhat unavoidable. You might be able to cover it up with other scents, but this is just a natural smell and nothing to freak out about. Although you will be able to find these bags in an assortment of different sizes, you should aim for something around 5×8 inches. This will provide you with a sufficient amount of room for your candies and other trinkets.

Finally, you will want to consider the personalization option! With the right supplier, you can sometimes add a little logo or words to the front of the bag. This can help to ensure that your bag matches your overall wedding perfectly. Adding the last name of the couple is an awesome way to bring it together! Once you’ve gotten the bags, you’ll need to begin working to find items to stuff inside!

Elegant Velvet Bags

If you’re looking for bags that are a little more elegant and luxurious, you’ll want to opt for velvet! Although you might be planning a wedding, velvet bags are a brilliant option for all different types of events. These bags are much more suitable for indoor, traditional and formal settings. The velvet is so luxurious that it will fit this model perfectly. Of course, you should remember that velvet will be a little more expensive than other types of favor bags.

When shopping for velvet wedding favor bags, you will discover an array of different sizes. It is entirely possible to select from two inches to six inches. Obviously, you can fit more and bigger items into the bag, by selecting bigger bags. For instance, you should consider giving out bottles of wine, if you opt for the six-inch velvet bags. Either way, velvet is an excellent choice and will definitely enhance your wedding favors dramatically!
Plastic Cone Bag
If you are planning on giving candy or cocoa to your guests, as a wedding favor, you should take advantage of the plastic cone bag. You can purchase these bags from your local party supply store at a very affordable price.
Once you collect your bags, you can simply stuff them with the cocoa ingredients, chewy gum drops, bubble gum balls, or corn candy. You can never go wrong with these favor bags, because their design is very desirable and will fit perfectly into any wedding theme. Just be sure to seal them with a beautiful ribbon and attach your homemade gift card and they will be ready to go.
Veil or Tulle Fabric
Instead of utilizing paper or plastic to hold your special wedding treats, you should use the veil or tulle fabric. You will have the option of wrapping the fabric around any sized wedding favor, because the tulle can be cut to size. This will definitely work better for those misshaped items that will not fit into a box.
Another great thing about this type of fabric is it is available in a limitless array of colors, so you will surely find something that will fit into your color scheme. Just use ribbon to seal them tightly, before you hand the wedding favors out to your guests.
Using Personalized Shopping Bags
If you’re interested in supplying your guests with a bag that they’ll use on a regular basis, you’ll want to consider using personalized shopping or tote bags! This type of bag is much bigger than some of the others and also includes some very handy handles. This makes it tremendously easier to carry around. At the same time, the majority of these bags are completely eco-friendly. This ensures that your guests will be able to use them, without causing harm to the environment. Once you give these bags to your guests, they’ll be able to use them everything they go to the grocery store!
For a much more impressive favor, you will be able to personalize it entirely. It is possible to change the color of the bag and you can even add text and graphics to the exterior of the bag. An assortment of different types of tissue papers can also be added to the inside of the bag! Be sure to play around, until you find a beautiful tote bag that fits for your wedding perfectly. With this bag, you will be able to fill it up with tons of different items. Although the bag is very practical and will work on its own, tossing some goodies inside will help to impress your guests.
DIY Wedding Favor Bags

Giving your guests a sweet treat is always a great way to show your appreciation. However, sweet treats are always better, if that found inside a beautifully designed bag. This little DIY project is easy and will save you lots of money. Below you will find a list of things that you are going to need.

• Scallop Cards
• Paper Lunch Bags
• 1/8 inch ribbon
• Eyelet setter
• Eyelets
• 1/8 inch hole punch
• Small hammer

You will begin by printing out the scallop cards. Next you are going to place the card in the center of the bag. You should punch holes in the scallop card and the bag at the same time. You need to punch two holes, one at the top left and one at the right of the scallop card.

You now want to secure the card to the back of the bag, by utilizing the eyelets. Make sure you place the eyelets right side up and set them in place by using the eyelet setter and a small hammer. You can now fill you bags full of tasty treats.

Once you have the bags filled with your favorite tasty treats, you can run your 1/8-inch ribbon through the eyelets and tie a nice little bow. You have now created a neat little favor bag to hold your tasty treats.

Navy Transparent Bags

Navy transparent bags make the perfect wedding favor bag. You can fill the bag with a heart-shaped framed photo of you and your significant other. You also have the option of tying a cute little bow around the top of the bag. There are an endless amount of things that you can do with these bags, so be sure to use your imagination.
During the wedding planning process, you will want to dedicate a tremendous amount of time and effort for your wedding favors. One of the easiest ways to elevate the favor is by choosing some of the best wedding favor bags. By using these items, the favor can be completely concealed in a stylish and luxurious bag! It’ll add to the excitement that your guests experience, when they receive the favor. For that, it is highly recommended that all soon to be married couples consider adding bags to their favors.