Wedding Centerpiece Vases: Ideas And Arrangements


When planning your wedding and deciding on décor, you will notice that a lot of people are using wedding centerpiece vases. This is because they can really tie a table together and create a fun atmosphere. Vases have been incorporated into centerpieces for many years and they will continue to be for many years to come. Vases are so popular, because of their many shapes, sizes, and colors. There are so many creative things that you can do with vases. Below you are going to learn a little bit more about vases and how you can use them in your wedding centerpieces.

Carnival Glass

One type of vase that you are going to have to choose from is the carnival glass vase. The carnival glass is a pressed glass vase that was designed in the 20th century. This type of vase is available in many translucent colors including white. If you want to add a romantic, old world feeling to your wedding, then you should consider using the carnival glass vase.

Colored Glass Vases

Colored glass is a very popular choice, when it comes to wedding centerpieces. Some of the most popular color choices are violet, blue, and red. Just keep in mind that if you want to utilize a colored glass vase in your wedding centerpiece, then you should choose one that is going to match your wedding theme color palette. This is going to make everything look much more uniformed.

Crackle Glass

Crackle glass vases are simply, but they have a really interesting texture. While the outside of the vase looks crackled, the inside of the vase will be smooth to the touch. You will find that most crackle glass vases come in translucent colors. These types of glass vases can really make a great addition to a country themed wedding.

Cut Glass

Cut glass will have the appearance of crystal. In most cases you are going to find these types of glass vases in a clear color, but they are also available innumerable colors. This type of glass really looks great in the sun or with a candle inside. The light of the sun or the light from the candle flame will really accent the texture of the vase.

Depression glass Vases

This type of glass was developed in the 1930’s and might be hard to find in today’s time. Like the carnival glass vase the Depression glass vase will really give your wedding centerpieces an old timey look.

Opalescent Glass Vases

This type of glass vase has a pearly white color tone. Sometime the whole vase will be coated in this color, whereas other times just the edges of the vase will be coated, in this color. The opalescent glass vase will really give your centerpieces an old fashioned look, but these types of vases are hard to find in current times.

DIY Wedding Centerpieces with Vases

Below you are going to learn about a fun little DIY project that will help you create your own wedding centerpieces. Here is a list of things that you are going to need.
• 3 Cylinder vases (3 for each table and it is best to use 3 vases that all vary in size. Of course, you can also use 3 vases of the same size, but the decision is really yours)
• Floating candles
• Flowers (You can use real or fake flowers, but it is probably best to use a type of flower that is going to match your wedding theme)
• Accent gems (Make sure you get enough to fill each vase, so you will have to calculate ahead of time on how many centerpieces you are going to want to make)
• 3 Submersible LED light (One for each vase)
• Rhinestone ribbon
• Glue gun
• Glue stick
• Scissors
• Water
The first thing you want to do is place one of the vases on a clean work area. Next you want to cover the bottom of your vase in rhinestone ribbon. So you will have to take the ribbon and wrap it around the vase to find out, where you need to snip the ribbon off. Once you have measured the diameter of the vase, you want to cut a 1-inch strip ribbon. You are now going to glue the ribbon to the bottom of the vase with your glue gun.
You are now ready to grab your flower stems and pluck off some the flower buds making sure that you leave some of the stem attached. Now set these flowers to the side.
You are ready to go back to the vase and insert the LED light inside. Once the LED light is inside the vase, you want to pour in some accent gems. You want to add enough to hide the LED light. Don’t forget to turn the LED light on first. Now you will simply place your flowers inside the vase.
It is time to fill the vase with water. You want to do this very carefully. Just keep in mind that you still have to place the floating candle inside the vase, so you do not want to completely fill the vase with water. You want to leave enough room, so the candle will fit inside. Once you have the vase filled to the appropriate level, you will place in the floating candle.
You will just simply retrace each step for every vase that you have. This is a pretty simple process, but if you are going to have to create a lot of these you might want to enlist the help of your bridesmaids.

Make Your Old Vases Look Great

If you already have a bunch of old vases lying around the house there is a way to make them look even better, so you can use them in your wedding centerpieces. This also works, if you are on a budget and want to buy a bunch of cheap vases. All you are going to need is looking glass spray paint. This is a type of mirror spray paint. You will be able to find this spray paint at any hardware store or craft shop. Basically the spray paint transforms clear glass into a mirror image.
Just keep in mind that spray painting can be a bit tricky. It is not as easy, as one might think. Make sure that you use the proper safety gear like a mask and safety goggles. When applying the spray paint, be sure you keep the spray nozzle at least 6 inches away from the surface you are painting. If you get to close to the surface it might cause the paint to drip. You might need to practice a little, before you achieve the look that you are going for.